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Survey: Who Should Lindy Focus Transcribe Next?

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  • Posted Monday, February 27, 2017
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Michael Gamble shared out a survey to ask the worldwide lindy hop community: which big band leader should Lindy Focus have transcribed next? The survey closes TOMORROW, February 28. So get those responses in now.

Survey link.

From the Facebook announcement:

It’s time, people. Are you teamLunceford, teamHines, or teamHenderson? Let us know. YOU HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY 28TH - That’s four days. Respond now, then share and tag your friends.

Our most anticipated question: “What if I want to choose two, or all three??”

Answer: You can’t! Pick your favorite. If the results are very close, we can decide what to do with that information. For now though, cast your vote.

Second most anticipated question: “What on earth is this about?”

Answer: Last year Lindy Focus along with Heritage Sounds ran a crowdfunding campaign to re-create the big band charts (sheet music) for Chick Webb, enough so that an entire evening show could be given. It happened, and even now those charts are appearing for sale, helping the legacy of Webb’s music continue into the 21st century. In 2017, we turn our targets to a new bandleader. Someone who’s work is deeply appreciated by swing dancers, but whose published and available repertoire is rare, hard-to-find, or less than accurate. We want to empower big band leaders to play their music once again, and of course we also want to put on a historic show at Lindy Focus. Help us choose the next project!

More on their Facebook page and Yehoodi.

UPDATE MARCH 2: Jimmie Lunceford Won!

From Michael Gamble on Facebook:

"Jimmie Lunceford wins in a landslide. Stay tuned for information about our crowdfunding campaign to breathe new life into his music and get it performed again at Lindy Focus and by swing orchestras everywhere."

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