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SwingNation 81: Combatting Sexual Assault & Rape Culture

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  • Posted Friday, February 17, 2017
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SwingNation 81: Combatting Sexual Assault & Rape Culture

Watch this important episode of SwingNation, where Spuds and Zuckerpunch talk about recent reports of sexual assault in the scene, and what we can all do to combat rape culture.

TRIGGER WARNING: This video includes images of Max Pitruzella and Steven Mitchell.

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  • Originally posted Sunday, February 19, 2017 (5 hours ago)

Rape Culture: From my perspective this term trivializes rape. Real rape is a serious matter. Rape culture is anything that offends feminists who are looking for excuses to be offended.

Is anyone aware of any swing scene in which rape is openly tolerated or encourage? if not, there is no ďrape cultureĒ in swing dancing.

If there were a real rape culture, why would women go to swing dances? If you had a 16 year old daughter who wanted to take up swing dancing, what would you say to her, ďHoney have a good time, but watch out for the rape cultureĒ?

Rape culture is a political term, and one should not have to have certain political beliefs to go swing dancing.

Trigger Warnings: Anyone who needs a trigger warning that Max might be in a video, needs therapy and should be banned from swing events for being too unstable.

Lying: Yes, women do lie about rape. If you donít believe me, go talk to the Duke lacrosse team, the people at the University of Virginia who featured in the Rolling Stone article, or the French politician who was accused of rape by a prostitute in NYC. Columbia even gave course credit to the mattress girl who lied about rape.

I have no idea how many women lie about rape and doubt that anyone does. I also doubt that the percentage is trivial. A blanket assertion that women donít lie about rape is a political statement, not a fact.

NB: I am not accusing any woman who has made an accusation of sexual assault in a swing environment of lying.

Economics: I have no idea if Max made more, less, or same money as Annie at any swing event and seriously doubt that it made any difference.

The gender pay gap myth doesnít hold up under scrutiny, but there are clearly political reasons to try to convince women that they are still victims.

If you really believed that equal pay was a contributing factor to rape, why arenít you demanding that swing dance promoters put the details of their financial arrangement with whoever gets paid for an event on their website? Maybe you should start with Lindy Focus.

Questions: If a male and female swing dance instructor have the same responsibilities at a swing event (teaching loads, judging, whatever), and the promoter believes that the male instructor is a bigger draw for getting people to attend, is the promoter justified in paying more to get the bigger draw? Does it make a difference if the promoter is a woman?

Code of Conduct: Do you think that having a code of conduct that says ďDonít rape anyoneĒ is really going to make any difference?

I have a modest proposal (in the Jonathan Swift sense). Why not require a woman to bring four male witnesses in order to prove rape?

If you are offended by my proposal, congratulations you are an Islamophobe.

Does anyone know if the Savoy had a code of conduct in the 1930s?

I got the impression from Frankie that he thought that treating women with respect was important, but he had a lot of time to refine his routine before I met him. He also would have grown up in a world where men were expected to behave like gentlemen.

Men canít realistically be expected to behave like gentlemen unless women are willing to behave like ladies. If I suggest that women behave like ladies, I would expect to be accused of enforcing the patriarchy, asserting white male privilege, wanting to put women back into corsets, and probably a lot more.

For those of you who take feminism seriously, is suggesting that men behave like gentlemen part of the rape culture because it implies that women should behave like ladies?

If anyone cares, here are my suggestions for a code of conduct. Please keep in mind that I am an old, white male from a part of the country full of deplorable people who cling to their guns and religion.

Ladies: You have no business being in a manís bedroom or hotel room after 10 PM unless you are planning to spend the night. If you are not planning to spend the night, make certain that he knows. If it is after 10 PM and you are not certain whether you want to spend the night, it is time to leave.

Gentlemen: A woman can invite herself into your hotel room late at night and voluntarily take off her clothes, and you can still go to prison for rape. If you donít believe me, ask Mike Tyson.

Ladies: Donít tease a guy, especially in a private setting, unless you want to engage in foreplay.

Gentlemen: Just because a woman smiles at you, acts friendly, or agrees to dance blues with you doesnít mean that she has initiated foreplay.

Ladies: Alpha male swing instructors are still human and probably not much different than other guys, and they probably arenít rich. So, why would you tolerate behavior from them that you wouldnít tolerate from other men?

Equal Humanity: Is this a millennial term or leftist political jargon? In my world, people donít use silly terms like this.

Ladies: Feminists, democrats, and other assorted leftists are not your friends. To the Left, you are not an individual, but rather an amalgamation of stereotypes associated with your race, gender, or group. The Left wants to think that you are part of a victim group so that you will be dependent on the government to take care of you. If you want to be an individual and not part of a victim group, you need to take charge of your life. Instead of whining about how men donít behave according to feminist fantasies, accept men for how nature made us. Take a self-defense course. Learn how to not put yourself into positions where you are vulnerable. Predators can identify victims from their behavior. Learn how to not act like a victim.

Gentlemen: Forget about equal humanity. Assume that the nice girl you met has a deplorable, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, privileged, while male father from Texas who made certain that his little princess knows how to handle a Smith & Wesson.

Yehoodi: If you really think that there is a rape culture in swing dancing, you should be encouraging dance promoters to team up with the NRA to teach women how to pack heat.

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