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Lennart Westerlund Leaves the Herrang Dance Camp

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  • Posted Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Lennart Westerlund Leaves the Herrang Dance Camp

Lennert leading a Herrang Meeting

Today we read the following astounding news on the Herrang Dance Camp Facebook page, regarding Lennart Westerlund, one of the founders and owners of the Herrang Dance Camp for many years:

Lennart Westerlund, founder and historical leader of Herräng Dance Camp, was attacked today in a very personal and sad defaming campaign. Lennart has today chosen to remove himself from the camp. We are very sad to see his departure in such a way and he will be missed for the remaining 10 days of the camp. Herräng Dance Camp continues and we hope that Lennart will return. We appreciate the support that so many people have already shown, and your continued passion for the camp. Dancing and fun events continue to keep the Herräng Dance Camp spirit alive.

More details on this news as we learn more.

UPDATE JULY 23: Natasha Tikhomirova passes along the following information from the organizers regarding sending messages to Lennart:

"You can email messages to and we'll get them to Lennart. Even better would be handwriting a letter as he would appreciate that much more than electronic messages. Send them to Lennart Westerlund, c/o Herräng Dance Camp, Folketshusvägen 5, 76049, Herräng, Sweden. We will forward them along with all of the handwritten messages we're receiving here at camp."

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